22 JULY - 29 JULY 2023

Week 30

22 JULY - 29 JULY 2023

Week 30

See you in Blekinge 2023

Blekinge is a county located in the south east corner of Sweden.

Welcome to the best sea scout camp ever. The camp will have a well filled up programme for adventure scouts, cub scouts, rovers and leaders for seven days. The campsites are located at Pagelborg´s Farm (1,8 km north the harbour of Jaernavik) and at the island of Tjärö. Our boats will be berthed in Tjärö and Jaernavik.

 We shall learn from each other; sea and water activities look different in different places in Sweden and around the world.

Here you will have opportunities to meet other sea scouts and scouts to tie bonds of friendship.

Camp Letter 4

  • The registration for the camp is now open and closes on the 30th of april 2023.

  • Retractions of registrations can be done from now untli the 1st of may 2023 without any extra fee.
    Past 1st of may you will need a certificate of that the cause couldnt be forseen, and you will the have the complete sum refunded.
    If making retractions of registration after the 30th of may, only half of the registration fee will be refunded.
    Feel fre to ask questions with anmalan@sjo23.se.

  • How to register?
    The Scout Group will fill the forms on scoutnet.

  • The fees are as follows.
    a) 2 200 SEK per participant (scouts and leaders) attending 5 – 7 days.
    b) 1 300 SEK per participant (scouts and leaders) attending 4 days.
    c) 0 SEK for leader´s children 0 – 2 year
    d) 650 SEK for leader´s children 2 – 9 year old (No discount for shorter attendance)
    e) 700 SEK for volunteers the whole week (No discount for shorter attendance)

  • By registrating after the 30th of april ther will be an additional late fee of 200 SEK.
    Volunteer who work during the pre and post camp could have 100 SEK discount per full working day. If one works both during the whole pre and post camp one could have the whole fee refunded.

  • The Camp T-shirt, with the Camp logo in white on dark blue background ~70 mm tall. Comes in sizes M, L, XL, XXL and childrens sizes. You can order this on scoutnet at the registration and it costs 100 SEK.


Read more about the location, which fun activities will take place and why your group should bring your boats.

National sea scout camp

With invited guests from other countries. All sea scouts and water scouts are welcome to an awesome camp. See you in the summer in the world’s most beautiful archipelago.

Sign up

The registration for the camp is open!

The registration is done via Scoutnet on the button below.
Questions can be sent to anmalan@sjo23.se