The best camp

Our vision is to have the best camp ever

Sea scouting 2023

The theme for the camp is ”Sea scouting 2020” with UN`s Agenda 2030 with Sustainable Development of our world as basic theme.
We will sail, canoe, snorkle, hike, learn about maritime safety and much more.


The Programme

This camp is for those who want to sail, hike, swim in the archipelago, experience nature and paddle canoe or kayak. Whether it is the first time or one in a thousand, it becomes a unique experience.

Here is the opportunity to meet other sea scouts and scouts to tie life-long friendships, learn from each other and share new experiences in a completely unique archipelago environment.


The camp is located in Blekinge

Blekinge is a county located in the south eastern corner of Sweden.

The campsites are located at Pagelborg´s Farm (1,8 kms north the harbour of Jaernavik) and at the island Tjärö. Our boats will be berthed in Tjärö and Jaernavik.


Participants must be able to swim 200 meters. The camp expects, on certain conditions, to charter (dispose of) the boats of participating scout groups.



When is it pre-camp respective after camp and what is this?
Pre-camp and after camp is intended to give our volunteers an opportunity to prepare the camp area , and on the after camp to restore the camp area when all participants have returned home.
The pre-camp is 19th – 22nd of July and the after-camp is 30th – 31th of July.

May we use wood stoves and barbecue equipment?
Unfortunately not, due to the fire risk only LPG equipment will be permitted. Regarding questions concerning quarters and cooking, do not hesitate to contact the quarter team via

Are there any swimming areas?
Yes, there are several areas.

If we arrive by train, how do we come to the camp?
The train will arrive to Bräkne Hoby Station. Quarter & Land
Transport team will solve the transports between the railway
station and the camp both during arrival and return.

Are there any parking places?
Yes, we have parking facilities.

Do I need to wear the scout uniform the whole time at
the camp?
No, it is sufficient with e.g. a T-shirt. But we want you to wear
your scout scarf.

What means with BUS boats respective BMS-boats?
BUS-boats are boats there the sea scout group that owns the boats doesn ́t require to have one of their own skippers on board. It is up to the scout group who borrow the boat to look after that their skipper is competent. Usually rather simple dinghies and open boats.
BMS-boats are boats there the sea scout group that owns the boats require to have an own skipper onboard and perhaps even a deputy skipper but still allows sea scouts from other groups the participate in the sailing program. usually bigger and more valuable boats.
In the case there some sea scout groups sets up with their own skippers, the skippers will receive a discount fee.

How is the camp management organized?

There is one Camp Chief and one Deputy Camp Chief.
There are
also different kind of teams with one chief and one deputy chief. Some teams are dealing with e.g. Application administration,
Supply team handling with provision and stores, Program team plan and set up the program, Quarter & Land Transport team dealing with tent areas, toilettes, Port & Sea Transport team dealing with sea transports and port facilities, etc.